Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for the Simon Ryan Theatre
Seating Capacity
Format Stalls Balcony
Proscenium 216 161

Stage Dimensions:
Pros Arch: 33ft wide: 18ft 7inches high
Overall: 40ft wide: 27ft deep
Step down to curved orchestra pit infill: 16ins
Infill 72ins deep at centre curving into 32ins

1 x set of House Tabs (blue)
1 x House Border (blue
3 x Sets of Black Legs
3 x Black Borders
1 x Black Cycloth
1 x White Cycloth

With stonewood communication system to control room, fly floor, gantry, orchestra pit stage left.

Please note: This flying system is purely for rigging purposes only. It cannot be used during a live performance.
8 usable bars safe U.D.L. 250kg
4 LX bars (12 circuits) safe U.D.L. 250kg
12 Evolutif XL300 hoists driven by 2 levag XL300 motorized units on side rails, situated on fly floor stage left.

Additional Information
Distance from back wall onstage to white cyc (bar #12) – 53ins
Distance from white cyc (bar # 12) W black cyc (bar #11) – 18ins
Distance from black cyc (bar #11) to LX#4 – 29ins
Distance from LX#4 to black border (bar #9) – 15ins
Distance from black border (bar #9) to black legs (bar #8) – 16ins
Distance from black legs (bar #8) to LX#3 – 14ins
Distance from LX#3 to black border (bar #6) – 24ins
Distance from black border (bar #6) to black legs (bar #5) – 20ins
Distance from black legs (bar #6) to LX#2 – 19ins
Distance from LX#2 to LX# 1 – 51ins.
N.B. Cinema screen bar and cinema speakers are positioned between LX#1 and LX#1
Distance from LX#1 to front tabs – 23ins
Distance from front tabs to stage front 24ins
Distance of F.O.H. LX booms to stage 156ins

Get-in doors (side of auditorium) 4ft 6ins wide – 6ft 7ins high.
Rear stage doors (3ft 6ins drop to back yard) – 6ft 2ins wide – 6ft 7ins high.
All access from Mitchell Street (front of theatre)

Desk: ETC Express 125 with monitor and portable rigger
Dimmers: 5 x Portable Robert Juliat digi Inv.
2 x Robert Juliat Tivoli
8 x Robert Juliat 1200w Profiles
1 x CCT 1200w Profile
14 x Strand 650w Quartet Fresnells
9 x Strand 650w Profiles
1 x Strand 650w Prelude Fresnells
20 x Robert Juliat 1200w Fresnells
9 x Aurora 1250w Cyc flood
3 x Strand 500w 3way Codas
20 x Thomas 1 000w Par64 (CP62)
14 x Thomas 300w Par56

Follow spot: 1 x Robert Juliat Korrigan HMI 1200

A limited amount of extension cables, splitters and socapex available.

Note: All lanterns to be rigged must have a safety chain.

Please contact the theatre in advance of fit-up to confirm the availability of lanterns.

Desk: Midas – Venice 16 Channel
F.O.H:5K (martin subs, with HK VT212 Tops)
Balcony: Ultra curve (delays)
System: Martin Audio System
Monitors:4 Martin Wedges (2 Mixes)
Effects: Tascam CD A500, Tascam MD 301MK11, Symetrix Graphic Eqs, Berringer Composer Pro
*Emergency fire and safety announcement to be played before each performance. Sound and LX desks situated in control room at rear of the auditorium. Alternatively there are facilities to operate the sound and 1x from within the auditorium, please see production contract regarding conditions.

On stage:
LX1 ~ 12circuts
LX2 ~ 12circuits
LX3 ~ 12circuits
LX4 ~ 12circuits

Stage Left- 6circuits (portable)
Stage Right 6circuits (portable)
Fly floor stage left 6 circuits (portable)
F.O.H Gantry 12 circuits (portable)

NOTE: all circuits are single; there are no paired circuits

Also Available
Extension ladder (2 section)
8’ stepladder

Dressing Rooms:
4 large (15/20 people each) with Show Relay
CCTV from stage in corridor
Green Room: with show relay and CCTV from stage
Control Room: At rear of stalls. Glass partition (opening at LX Position)
Sound positioned in centre of auditorium
“Talk Back” system

Wheelchair: 4 positions with companion seats front row Stalls
Four Dressing Room for 7 persons comfortably (14 each room max), each dressing room has its own shower and hand basin.

Greenroom with capacity for 50 people, equipped with tea/coffee making facilities.

Toilets (male/female) situated across corridor opposite dressing rooms.