Excel Art Gallery : A Tower’s Tale

A Tower’s Tale for Excel Gallery !

A tower’s Tale is an exhibition of Ceramic work by the Transition class at the Abbey C.B.S. school Tipperary Town. The class under the tutelage of their teachers Ms Jolene Carey working along with artist Thomas Wollen will display their work in the Gallery Tipperary Excel from Nov.30th– December 9th 2017.

Opening times of the Gallery: 10-5pm Adm.: free all are welcome

Andrew Richardson on behalf of the group explained the background to the project:

‘Throughout the past 3 months, our class created one, big exhibition to remember the Tipperary Military Barracks. Our art teacher, Ms Carey, instructed us to implement the theme, “Change of use” into the making of our unique and separate projects. In order to get a better understanding of our projects in hand, Doctor Denis Marnane came to our school to talk about the history of Tipperary Town, its role during the Irish Civil War and of course, the barracks itself. We took down notes during his speech which was used to inspire us and to have a better idea about what our designs could be.


Our projects were to be made of clay and for that reason, an artist by the name of Thomas Wollen was invited to the school in which he helped us throughout our 8 workshops in the span of six weeks. We learned many skills in these workshops such as creating pinch pots, designing tiles and combining different pieces of clay together using slip and scratching. With the use of these skills we were able to integrate these into our final designs for our projects. Every student has designed their own individual pinch pot, tile and main piece for our projects in the hope of remembering or symbolising the barracks and the impact it has had on us. We are very grateful for the help from Ms Carey, who was the leader of this project, Doctor Denis Marnane for the insight to the history of the barracks and Thomas Wollen who was incredibly kind and helpful through the making of our clay pieces. We hope you enjoy our projects as much as we did making them!!’




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