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DEIRDRE DUNNE – Shades of Irish Light

Deirdre Dunne is an Irish born Artist who obtained her honours degrees in Fine Art Painting at Crawford College of Art in Cork, Ireland. Since her studies she has bicycled through Asia, Europe, The Middle East and Central America, as well as working as a tour guide in Australia and Africa.

Throughout these experiences she has been continuously sketching and painting images from each of the countries she has passed through, including her native Ireland.

She is now living near Kilbeheny, Mitchelstown surrounded by the beautiful Galty mountains. This is where her studio is situated.She also teaches art to both children and adults.

Artist Statement

My subject matter varies throughout my paintings. What attracts me to a certain subject is the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.I use intense colours and contrasts to achieve a strong impact on the viewer. From winter sunshine to stormy skies, I try to capture the moment in nature where everything is highlighted.My preferred medium is oil on canvas, and I work on a red ochre background to create rich tonal contrasts.


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