“What’s the photo story? Syria-Tipperary!” showing at Tipperary Excel Gallery

What’s the photostory? Syria-Tipperary!

This exhibition will show on Friday evening in Tipperary Excel Centre, Mitchell street Tipperary at 7.30p.m

Youth Work Ireland, Tipperary’s Thurles project have worked with young people from Syria who have been through the refugee experience and are happy to announce “What’s the PhotoStory?” Syria-Tipperary. Working with young people and building relationships with them and their families in an ongoing youth work process has produced great stories and insights. With strong and trusting relationships already in place, Augusto Boal strategies created an opening for stories to emerge.
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“I would like to say to all of those who have come here, you must make sure that you add your stories and experiences into ours and we will be the richer for it, you are required to forget nothing, the opposite is the case, the more you tell us and the more you bring to us so that we can do something new. Those who arrived here……..they are inheriting the strands not just of two rich cultural heritages that will contribute to their identity but also the remaking of both of the cultures and the emergence of a new one… we weave new patterns…in modern Ireland.” President Michael D Higgins. July 2017.