Frequently Asked Questions

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What records do you hold?
TFHR holds the records Sacramental records of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cashel and the Diocese of Emly. These are the records of the Baptism and Marriage of members of the Roman Catholic Church in this area
How many records do you have access to?
Not counting other sources readily available elsewhere there are over 600,00 records, with the Surname 'Ryan' accounting for over 46,000 of these records alone!
On your commission research form you list a number of different search options. What is included in each type of search?
We explain in some detail what is included in each type of search here
How are you funded? Does TFHR receive government funding?
The fees paid for research by our clients fund TFHR. We receive no funding from the Government or any other source. Tipperary Excel Heritage Co. Ltd continues to back the provision of services of TFHR to the wider community.
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Aren't these public records?
Public records are those, such as Births, Deaths and Marriages, which are recorded by Government agencies for Governmental purposes. The records of any non-governmental organisation (e.g. a sports club, environmental group or religious body) are not public. In the case of the Sacramental records of the church permission is granted to the families of deceased church members to have access to the records of their own ancestors for the purpose of family history research. In addition, a copy is now available for viewing at the National Library of Ireland.
What area do you cover and what records do you have access to?
We have access to the baptismal and marriage records for the 46 parishes in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly which incorporates part of North and South Tipperary and S. E. Limerick. See the Map and Listing. The part of North Tipperary which lies in the Diocese of Killaloe has a research service provided by Tipperary North Family History Foundation while the part of South Tipperary which is in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore has a research service provided by the Waterford Heritage Genealogical Centre.
Why are there so many centres in Tipperary?
The Archdiocese established one of the first centres in the country (Tipperary Heritage Unit) in 1985. Other centres were established later covering the civil boundries of Tipperary South Riding and Tipperary North Riding and accessing civil records and records of other religious demoninations
How does one go about finding out about ones ancestors?
Fill in the 'Commission Research Form' with full details - answer all questions -if you don't know the answer to one then write 'don't know. Don't leave any blanks. We at TFHR will do the rest.
Does one need to have all 46 parishes checked or can I have one or more individual parishes searched?
All the searches we conduct include all the parishes in the Archdiocese.
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Why can't you search for my ancestor in the 1700's and the 1900's, surely you have these records?
We have authorised access to all the records that exist from the earliest surviving records up to the year 1900. We have a full listing of available parishes and records here.
I don't understand what your fees include?
For parish searches: We research a persons ancestor's baptismal record, his/her siblings baptismal record, his/her parents marriage record.
For Griffith's Valuation: At TFHR we have an alphabetical index to Griffith's Valuation listing the surname and Christian name of the head of the household and listing townlands, civil parishes and a map reference number which corresponds with a number on the ordinance survey townlands maps.
Do you have burial/death records at TFHR?
No, at TFHR we have Baptismal records and Marriage records. Before the commencement of Civil registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages in 1864 there was only very sketchy recording of Death information.
Can I publish the information given to me by TFHR?
No, the information that we here at TFHR give to any potential enquirer is privledged information and must not be sold on or otherwise be made public without prior permission from TFHR or from the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly.
What happens if the surname being researched has many different spellings?
There are many variations and interpretations of spellings of surnames, none of them being incorrect and all possible variations are researched.
Should my enquiry take long and will every detail be given?
No, not too long. Your enquiry could take up to 10 weeks or more during the busy season, but usually less. Try and make your enquiry as precise as possible, while also furnishing as much information as possible giving only details which relate specifically to your ancestor from the Archdiocese. We cannot give a guarantee that we will find information but we will try our best.
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What about callers to your offices? What can you do for us?
During the busy summer months we try to help as many people as possible by offering a same/next day counter service for callers. We do ask that you submit your search request in advance if at all possible - if you let us know the date of your intended arrival in Tipperary we'll try to have the results of your search ready for you to collect - the greater the lead time you can give us if you know about our services the more likely we are to be able to keep offering our same/next day service to people who didn't know about us!
Can you research my ancestor with only my his/her name only?
Obviously the more relevent information you can supply the more likely we are to be able to find the records of a particular person. If we think we are unlikely to be able to assist based on the information you are able to supply we will advise you.
How come you can't find him in Co. Tipperary, I'm sure that he's from here?
We here at TFHR have exclusive authorised access to the Catholic Baptismal and Marriage records of the 46 parishes of the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly. These parishes include PART of North and South Tipperary and South East Limerick. Not all of Tipperary parishes are covered in the Archdiocese; you will also find parishes of Tipperary in the diocese of Waterford and Lismore as well as the diocese of Killaloe and may need to contact the relevant centres should we be unable to find information for you.
Can I do the research myself?
No, staff at TFHR must complete the research on your behalf.
Can I look at the Parish Records for the Archdiocese of Cashel & Emly at the National Library?
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